General Director of Kharkiv Tractor Plant was going to give equipment and blueprints to Russia, - SBU

Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine have stopped an attempt by management of a Russian industrial group to destroy Kharkiv Tractor Plant.

Censor.NET reports citing the SBU press center.

Following the instructions of Russian owners, the new General Director of the factory, appointed in March 2016, prepared the foundry equipment (as well as technical and design papers, blueprints, etc.) for dismantling and further export.

It is also noted that the Director was preparing to discharge nearly a third of all workers. A corresponding order has been issued and a new staff list approved.

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"Implementation of these plans would lead to a complete cessation of the Kharkiv Tractor Plant activities and sabotage of the Ministry of Defense order," the SBU said.

The SBU arrested the plant's property and accounts, thus preventing the loss of production equipment and unique blueprints. It also saved nearly a thousand of skilled workers from discharge.

"The General Director is wanted. He is accused of preparation of a crime (Part 1 of Article 14 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and sabotage (Art. 113 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). The court gave permission for the arrest of the suspect. The investigation is in progress.

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