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 “Police will act very tough, we must show ability to provide security amid upcoming Eurovision,” – Kyiv police head about Equality March

Kyiv police are determined to ensure security during the International Forum of LGBT society "Kyiv Pride 2016” and, in particular, during the Equality March, scheduled to be held June 12.

Kyiv police Head Andrii Kryshchenko said in an interview with 112.ua, Censor.NET reports.

According to Kryshchenko, Kyiv must demonstrate that it is able to provide security during Equality March especially in light of the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest - 2017. According to him, the opportunity to express the opinion itself rather than the rally is important.

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"The LGBT Pride, the Equality March will take place, since there is a relevant request. We are serious about ensuring security. There is public interest and we must show that our society with its values is tolerant and ready to pursue the European path regardless of someone's opinion on this Pride march. Kyiv shall host the next Eurovision and we must show that we are able to ensure security. It is not about the pride festival, but the fact that the people have the right to express their thoughts. They will tackle not only this [LGBT] issue, they will raise the issue of the possibility to freely express one's thoughts, which we all strove for two years ago," Kryshchenko said.

Andrii Kryshchenko noted that strict security measures would be taken.

"The police will act tough. Besides, the police officials have already met with all the participants of the upcoming parade as well as their opponents," he said.

The Fifth International Forum of LGBT "Kyiv Pride 2016" will take place on June 6-13, 2016 in Kyiv. More than 20 educational and discussion events will be held during the festival.

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