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 PGO confirms cancellation of Ivaniushchenko's arrest warrant by Interpol. Asset seizure still effective, - Butusov

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yurii Lutsenko confirmed that Interpol's order for arrest of former Party of Regions member Yurii Ivaniushchenko, better known as Yura Yenakiyevskiy, has been canceled, but his assets remain under arrest.

This was announced by Censor.NET's Chief Editor Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page after the meeting with Prosecutor General Lutsenko on Ivaniushchenko's case.

"Yesterday I went to see Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko on Ivaniushchenko's case. Several TV crews arrived for a commentary. I was surprised to see Petro Poroshenko Bloc MP Oleh Nedava, who came to talk with reporters and then entered the reception of the prosecutor general. Nedava is known as vice president of Novi Tekhnolohii foundation, the president of which is Ivaniushchenko's right-hand man Ivan Avramov. He was not invited, I was told at the reception.

"Nedava was giving interviews to TV crews, saying that neither him nor Ivaniushchenko are involved, and that accusing Ivaniushchenko is illegal.

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"After 10 more minutes of such communication, Nedava left the reception of Lutsenko and didn't meet the prosecutor general. I believe we have a problem similar to that in Italy. A mafia boss, who had been a private person and held no posts, signed nothing, he can easily acquire assets for his family, open bank accounts, and demand respect to himself as a citizen.

"Italians had to do a lot to improve their legislation and law enforcement system to hold mafia bosses accountable. The major problem is omerta. I said this at the meeting with Yurii Lutsenko," Butusov wrote.

"We need testimony against Ivaniushchenko. We need witnesses who will help bring the mafia bosses to justice," the journalist stressed.

"Prosecutor general has confirmed that Interpol's order for Ivaniushchenko's arrest had been indeed cancelled. But he noted that his assets are still under arrest. I will not disclose the details. I've seen that the prosecutor general knows onions in the case," Butusov noted.

"I will continue controlling the investigation. Judging from active participation of MP Nedava, Ivaniushchenko has strong lawyers. They do not belong to the Opposition Bloc, but to the ruling party. So we need public control in this case.

"I ask all businessmen who were racketeered by Ivaniushchenko, Sarkisian, Avramov - I believe this is the time for us together to restore justice. Ivaniushchenko is not a businessman or politician, he is a godfather, and no compromises regarding him are possible," Butusov summed up.
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