Weaponry was sold at giveaway price to intermediary firms that exported it at 10-15 times higher prices, - Rada Committee heard report by Matios

On Wednesday, Main Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios reported to the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense on the inquiry in the case of the sale of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ military equipment in 1991-2014. At this point, the investigation team jointly with the Ministry of Defense has accomplished considerable work and collected from the archives all the data concerning Armed Forces’ weaponry removed from the inventory and sold abroad.

Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on Facebook.

"Here is the summary table for some types of hardware, which shows the enormous outflow of equipment between 2005 and 2014. The equipment sold in 1991-2005 is being added up.

Military equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces that was removed from the inventory and sold abroad between Feb.1, 2005 and March 25, 2014, according to data obtained by the Military Prosecutor's Office

Warplanes and UAVs






IFVs and APCs


Maintenance and recovery vehicles


Engineer troops special purpose vehicles


Refuellers, fuel and lubricant service vehicles


Cars and trucks


"The equipment was sold lawfully in compliance with the government's decisions and according to acting estimation procedures that allowed and still allow reducing the equipment price virtually to zero.

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"It is necessary to make an expert examination of the factual sale procedures. They were justified and even stipulated by the budget plans in some cases but it's worth checking anyway. For there were cases when the state was selling weaponry at giveaway prices to intermediary firms that exported it at 10-15 times as much! Most of these funds were transferred to shell companies and siphoned off. The investigation is underway. The Armed Forces completely ceased selling their hardware on April 14, 2014.

"The report does not include detailed information on certain types of military equipment: for example the report on air defense systems, missile and artillery armament is submitted by the inventory numbers. Combat vehicles, weapons, missiles, missile launchers, and radars are obviously included in one and the same item. I have not included them in the table as this issue is still to be clarified.

"The biggest sale of the Ukrainian army military equipment at the lowest prices took place in 2010-2012, when the Defense Ministry was headed by Mykhailo Yezhel. But apparently, all defense ministers of Yushchenko's and Yanukovych's tenure will have to be interrogated as the removal of equipment from the inventory was carried out continuously. It is necessary to figure out the grounds for these decisions, their justifiability. President Yushchenko must also be summoned for questioning as he was obviously aware of these frauds for he was appointing his closest associates to the positions in state-owned companies involved in arms trade. The General Staff officials must be held accountable as well, since the equipment was decommissioned under their decisions.

"Ukrspetsexport Head Bondarchuk of Yushchenko's tenure was put on the international wanted list for causing damage to the state by selling its military assets at giveaway prices. The army and the state did not get the full amount of funds as the intermediaries were siphoning off most of the income from these transactions," Butusov wrote.

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