5,216 Ukrainian citizens detained or convicted in Russia, - Foreign Ministry

5,216 Ukrainian citizens have been either detained or convicted in Russia as of the end of April.

As reported by Censor.NET referring to Tyzhden.ua, this was stated by Ukraine's Foreign Ministry in response to a request by journalists.

Most Ukrainians are serving sentences for theft (article 158 of Russia's Criminal Code). Many Ukrainian citizens have been convicted for drug dealing (art. 228), assault (art. 162), robbery (art. 161), intentional infliction of serious or moderate bodily harm (art. 111, 112), or smuggling (art. 188).

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In addition, Ukrainians have been detained and imprisoned in Russia for murder (art. 105), fraud (art. 159), misappropriation of vehicles (art. 166), violation of traffic rules and operation of vehicles (art. 264), sexual assault (art. 132), and hooliganism (art. 213).

"Russia's relevant authorities haven't informed its foreign diplomatic institutions about Ukrainian citizens charged with and convicted for the use of prohibited methods and means of warfare in the territory of the Russian Federation as well as places of their detention," the ministry noted.

As reported, the only Ukrainian citizen currently convicted for such deeds (part 1, art. 356 of Russia's Criminal Code) is Serhii Lytvynov. However, his prosecution has been halted due to lack of evidence.
Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n388661