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 "We see legalization scheme for Ivaniushchenko by example of Portnov," - Butusov

Former Party of Regions member Yurii Ivaniushchenko, known by his nickname Yura Yenakievskiy, is trying to lift all restrictions on travel and asset use the same way as Andrii Portnov did. To support his statement in one of European courts, he needs evidence that he’s working on his exculpation in Ukraine.

This was announced by Censor.NET's Chief Editor Yurii Butusov after today's hearing at the Darnytskyi district court of Kyiv on the lawsuit filed by Ivaniushchenko on reinstatement of his honor and dignity.

"With regard to the case, the situation is as follows. A lawsuit has been filed against me on protection of honor and dignity of Yurii Ivaniushchenko. The lawsuit has been accepted by the court despite the fact that Ivaniushchenko is on the international wanted list. This was announced by Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. Anyway, the case has been accepted for consideration. … Today, I will receive the materials to the case. They will be passed to me in accordance with the applicable procedure. I haven't had these materials by now. For I received the notification (of the lawsuit - ed.) by having read a newspaper," he said.

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"The situation is as follows with Ivaniushchenko. A decision of Judge Mykola Chaus from the Dniprovskyi district court of Kyiv now allows Ivaniushchenko to lift all restrictions off himself for travel around Europe. Under this decision, he received access to all of his assets, and his name should be deleted from all databases on persons wanted, detained, and delivered to law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. This decision, unfortunately, has not been appealed by state bodies," the reporter added.

"Head of special investigations department of the PGO Serhii Horbatiuk has filed another statement with the Pecherskyi district court of Kyiv with a new appeal to list Ivaniushchenko as wanted so that he wouldn't have been deleted from Interpol's wanted list. However, a weird thing occurred. The three-judge panel of the Pecherskyi district court has refused to consider the petition by the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine. Thus, the decision (of Chaus - ed.) is still in force. The Interior Ministry and Ukraine's office of Interpol refused to confirm that Ivaniushchenko had been deleted from the wanted list. Quite opposite, interior minister informed that he (Ivaniushchenko - ed.) continues being on the wanted list. … At the moment, we have no confirmed information about what's going on in Europe. I believe that he remains on Interpol's wanted list, for the procedure of deletion from the list requires an agreement from the party that issued the request. In this case, it's the Ukrainian office of Interpol. It did not agree for that," Butusov noted.

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"However, we see a scheme for legalization of Ivaniushchenko similar to that of Andrii Portnov. Andrii Portnov acknowledged that information on the basis of which the PGO filed a lawsuit against him was unreliable. He successfully appealed the decision [about being put on the wanted list - ed.] in a Ukrainian court. And then took this decision to one of the European courts of the country of his residence and won the case. Therefore, he is no longer on the wanted list in Europe. That is, they cannot detain him and deliver to Ukraine. A similar decision by (judge - ed.) Chaus allows Ivaniushchenko doing the same. He could have already done it or is very likely to be in progress. Having that decision of Chaus, which has not been appealed, he can go to any European court and say: "Have a look, I'm no longer on the wanted list in Ukraine. You may not detain me. So, you have to remove me [from the wanted list - ed.]. "I think that this process is necessary for this legalization scheme.

"Articles on Ivaniushchenko on the Internet are numerous, so they decided to appeal with my example and to show there is claim settlement underway. And also to provide these data to a court so that the court, possibly in France or Monaco, for he has a villa in Monaco (I think they will be filing a lawsuit there), lifts all restraints on travel and use of assets and funds from him within a civil suit," the journalist suggested.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n388649