“I stay in team and will head special group of advisers,” - Zguladze

Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov’s former deputy Eka Zguladze says that she remains in the Interior Ministry reformers team despite her resignation.

Censor.NET reports citing her statement published on the official website of the Interior Ministry.

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Eka Zguladze's full statement is presented below:

"A year has passed in December since my appointment to the post of the First Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and my agreement with the President and the Minister expired as well. I did not intend to become a civil servant again after Georgia. But I undertook a challenge in Ukraine, and it has been a great honor for me to support the nation that kept struggling as it did on the Maidan.

"The stakes were high a year ago. We hoped to show by our example that reform is actions, not words. The war against Ukraine was waged not for its territory, but against the very idea of an independent and fair European country. But the young and righteous guys from the Maidan such as Vitalii Davydenko, who now works in the patrol police, and brave guys from the front-line, such as Oleksandr Fatsevych, who now serves as National Police deputy head, they are willing, able, and will build Ukraine with rule of law and justice.

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"We succeeded. I remember each patrol police officer from the first recruitment, each volunteer, employee, with whom we were starting up, learning, creating, getting tired, handling disappointments, but did not give up. However, I am not acquainted with many persons, which makes me happy, as a great number of people has joined us ever since! We have proved that it is possible to implement reforms for the benefit of the people even under hard circumstances.

"I did not resign in December to face the challenging path of the police transformation together with the team and not to weaken the reform process during the government crisis. But even now, when the new Cabinet of Ministers has been formed, I cannot stop being a part of the history that we were making together. I stay in the team and accept the minister's proposal to head a specially created group of advisers.

"The stakes are even higher now. The reform is far from over. I will continue working with the Ukrainians and Ukraine's allies, building a line of defense against corruption and lawlessness. Our team will not only continue reforming the police but also work in other areas, with a focus on sustainability of achievements.

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"Like I said, these islands of success will drown in the ocean of corruption, nihilism, bureaucracy, if we do not build bridges between them creating a continent. And if Ukraine, if we will not be strong enough to go forward, the door that we have just opened, may slam shut for a long time. We'll be getting into trouble, it's going to be hard, and there will certainly be moments when we will be ready to surrender. But, fortunately, one cannot take oneself prisoner. If the court, prosecutors, customs and other systems are not reformed we will lose not only the police, we will lose the chance to have different Ukraine. But if we succeed, Ukraine will change not only its own destiny, but also the future of the entire Europe.

"That's what I believe in."Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n388042