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 Ukraine fails to purchase arms, cover repair due to underfunded State Defense Order

Ukrainian army is critically underfunded by UAH 3.6 billion (approx. $142.241 million) due to political discrepancies over the draft law on confiscation of illegally acquired assets of former President Yanukovych and his cronies. The relevant Verkhovna Rada committee requires to urgently allocate necessary financing from budget's general fund in order to strengthen the army.

Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense, Poroshenko Bloc MP Ivan Vinnyk says it on his Censor.NET blog.

"Pursuant to the law of Ukraine on 2016 State Budget, financing the purchase and repair of arms and military equipment is done largely through a special fund supposed to be replenished from the sale of assets stolen by Yanukovych and his associates, which Ukraine has long had to bring back to the budget but still failed," he said and noted that the bill No. 4057 on special asset forfeiture has not been passed due to political differences. And considering the heated debate on the issue, Vinnyk is sure there is no way to fund the army at the cost of special confiscation in 2016.

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Accordingly, as of May 9, 2016:

- the State Defense Order is underfunded by more than UAH 2,2 billion (approx. $86.925 million);

- the repair of weapons and military equipment is underfunded by UAH 1.1 billion (approx. $43.462 million);

- the development of communications and repair of military facilities are underfunded by UAH 300 million (approx. $11.853 million).

"The Committee on National Security and Defense has already addressed the leadership of the state with an official letter, requesting to develop and submit to the Verkhovna Rada a bill that would ensure an immediate funding of armament from budget's general fund. I am sure that a decision on the adequate funding of the army lies exclusively in the political domain. Today, the government has necessary funds in the state treasury - Head of the State Fiscal Service Nasirov has reported on the over-fulfillment of state budget revenues by almost UAH 16.5 billion (approx. $651.941 million), not to mention additional resources which the state will receive if the government finally dares to take proper decisions on SFS staff and thus puts an end to corruption at customs. Therefore, I will see any delay in deciding on ensuring the allocation of UAH 3.6 billion for the Ukrainian army as politically motivated, because no economic reason is there to neglect this much-needed decision," Vinnyk concluded.

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