Ambassador Pyatt called to remember who is victim and who is aggressor in Donbas conflict. Sanctions against Russia will remain in force

U.S. never voiced the exact date of the elections in the Donbas. They should meet the OSCE standards first of all.

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt said, Censor.NET reports citing ZN.ua.

He said that he most important is the determination of the international community that sanctions against Russia should remain in force as long as it does not fully comply with its obligations under the Minsk agreements. One should not forget who is the victim and who the aggressor is in the Donbas conflict, as well as remember that the Donbas is Ukraine, the ambassador added.

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Pyatt called Mariupol the best example of his words. He recalled that nobody believed that elections in Mariupol were possible, as it is to close to the line of collision, in Kramatorsk last year. However, democratic elections were held according to the OSCE standards.

Speaking about the possibility of elections in the temporarily occupied areas of the Donbas, the ambassador noted that the U.S. has never voiced the exact date of such elections. He concluded that it has to do with principles - the elections have to comply with the OSCE standards.
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