SBU to continue investigating Krasnov’s case despite any pressure and statements of politicians

Investigation of the case filed against Stanislav Krasnov charged of treason will continue despite the public pressure and statements of politicians.

SBU Chairman Executive Office Head Oleksandr Tkachuk said during the rally in support of Krasnov held outside the SBU building, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinform.

"The investigation will continue regardless of any pressure and statements made by the politicians. The agency will comprehensively investigate the case. We are strongly convinced that Krasnov is an agent of the Russian secret service and the case must be appropriately investigated," he said.

According to Tkachuk, the SBU knows for sure that Krasnov has been recruited by the Russian security agencies and planted in the Ukrainian patriotic movement.

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"I think that Moscow is now applauding to all participants of this rally for such a support provided to the Russian agent," the SBU Chairman Executive Office head said.

Tkachuk emphasized that it was critical to offer the investigators and prosecutors an opportunity to investigate the case and refer the materials to the court.

"If it turns out that the agency has been mistaken, the court will confirm it," Tkachuk said.

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