Vira Savchenko safe in Ukrainian consulate in Rostov-on-Don, her passport with her, - Kuleba

Vira Savchenko is currently in the General Consulate of Ukraine in Rostov-on-Don; she managed to return her passport.

Censor.NET informs citing permanent representative of Ukraine at European Council Dmytro Kuleba on his Facebook page.

According to him, Vira Savchenko is safe on the territory of Ukrainian Consulate General in Rostov-on-Don, her passport has been returned to her.

"News number two: Vira is indeed on the federal wanted list for an assault of a judge in Chechnya (it's when the mock trial of Karpiuk and Klylh took place there), so we can either manage to return her to Ukraine in the upcoming days or have our own Assange on the territory of our own diplomatic office (which is not good)," he wrote.

Kuleba also told how Ukrainian consuls Vitalii Moskalenko and Volodymyr Trehub together with director of the consul department Andrii Sybiha were saving Vira from the Russians.

"Trehub reacted timely, signaled of danger and locked himself with Vira in the car. The Russians blocked the car so that it could not leave.

"Sybiha raised the issue and coordinated efforts on the release. Moskalenko left Rostov-on-Don in the night, and after a three-hour drive and a discussion with Russians, dragged out Vira, her passport, and brought her to the safe territory. Our consuls in Russia are real heroes," Kuleba informed.

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He also noted that Vira was saved thanks to diplomatic license plate on the car and presence of consul Trehub, who was accompanying her.

"They wanted to take away her passport and detain her, but the Russians didn't dare to break into the car and violate the consul's immunity," Kuleba added.

He stressed that the situation was also tackled by President Poroshenko and Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, who is currently in China.

"Now it's important to take Vira out of Russia," Kuleba summed up.

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