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 Yura Yenakiyevskiy sued Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov

On May 16, the Darnytskyi district court of Kyiv will consider a lawsuit of former Party of Regions member Yurii Ivaniushchenko, commonly known as Yura Yenakiyevskiy, against Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov.

This was announced by the Censor.NET chief editor.

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"Criminal kingpin Yura Yenakiyevskiy, who is on the international wanted list, has taken legal action against me to protect his honor, dignity, and business reputation. The hearing is scheduled for May 16 - the court has accepted a lawsuit of the fugitive gangster, as if nothing has happened," the journalist remarked.

"Municipal newspaper "Khreshchatyk", which is issued at the expense of Kyiv's taxpayers - that is at my expense too, has placed an advertisement of Yura Yenakiyevskiy, helping him fight for his rights against me, and probably earned some money," Butusov stressed.

"This comes as a reaction to the article "How Yura Yenakiyevskiy is trying to remove himself from international wanted list and get access to his assets and real estate in Europe", which I wrote right after the incident. Yura is taking efforts to have his case in the PGO closed and wants to get removed from the wanted list. Now he has decided to clean up the media space," the Censor.NET chief editor added.

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"For me, the lawsuit from internationally wanted Ivaniushchenko is evidence of my work being a big problem for him. Although it seems weird to me that an internationally wanted criminal, who is also involved in atrocities on Maidan and Heavenly Hundred killing, can talk about honor and dignity. I want to note that the demonstrative actions of criminal bosses in Ukraine, their brazen attempts to prove themselves innocent, indicate only one thing - they have ties with the powers-that-be and believe they will again legalize themselves in Ukraine. They believe they will sort everything out," Butusov summed up. Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n386571