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 "Disposing of me won't be easy," - Shuster set to continue working in Ukraine without permit

TV presenter Savik Shuster, who is facing a work ban, is going to host his talk show without a relevant permit.

He said it to journalists at an employment center, Censor.NET correspondent reports.

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"It's not a mistake, it's a completely conscious action, which was done in one day, yesterday, April 25. I think they chose the date deliberately, before Easter, before the May vacations, when people are out of the city, and little attention is paid to television. And when they come back, politicians, somewhere around May 10, right before the plenary session, everyone will forget about this.

"Therefore, it was intentional, I'm sure of it. What shall we do? Let's wait for authorities to explain us one more time, and then we'll think it over. What else can we do? We'll work without a permit," Shuster said.

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