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 "It's political decision sanctioned by Poroshenko," - journalist on cancellation of Shuster's work permit

Cancellation of work permit in Ukraine to journalist Savik Shuster is a direct violation of freedom of speech in the country. The society should react decisively to this incident.

Chief Editor of Censor.NET Yurii Butusov wrote on his Facebook page, commenting on information about cancellation of journalist Savik Shuster's permit to work in Ukraine.

"Savik Shuster has been deprived of his work permit in Ukraine. One could watch his show or not watch; it's just one of TV stations, with a low rating, broadcast via cable and satellite only. He runs no anti-state propaganda, but some certain politicians do not like him. No doubts that this is a political decision sanctioned by President Petro Poroshenko. As far as I know, no one of the president's media advisers supported this decision. It was not advised by advisers, the president decided himself," Butusov wrote.

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"Poroshenko hopes that Shuster will come to negotiate cooperation in order to preserve his business," the journalist noted.

"This is a direct assault of the freedom of speech in Ukraine. It's a shame that the president of Ukraine allows violating citizens' rights to have access to information after Maidan. At the same time, 17 Channel, which conducts open anti-Ukrainian propaganda in Kyiv, has not been closed; free Vesti newspaper, financed by Russia, has not been closed. I hope that the society will react harshly enough, so that this decision is reconsidered immediately. Otherwise, how could the president - as a warrant of freedoms and liberties of citizens - be trusted?" Butusov summed up.
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