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 Kyiv Police Chief Kryshchenko fires cop-separatist: "He cast shadow on his brothers-police officers by his act"

Head of Kyiv Police Andrii Kryshchenko signed a decree on dismissal of the police officer who decorated his patrol car with the separatist banner with Russian flag and a slogan reading: "Berkut. Russians do not desert their own kin."

Kryshchenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"As for the police-officer who hung a banner-air freshener with chevron of the detachment (ill-famed Berkut riot police detachment - Ed.) depicted against the background of the Russian flag in his patrol car, it's hard for me to understand the situation, when the person who took part in the anti-terrorist operation uses the invader's symbols. I do not care today what this man was thinking about when he was doing this. It is important that he has cast a shadow on his brothers-police officers - the whole Kyiv police garrison - by this action. A single person can thwart months of a hard work done by a big team by his single action. Therefore, I am convinced that he does not belong to the police! I have signed the order on his dismissal," Kryshchenko said.

He also noted that the internal investigation has been launched into this fact. Its conclusions will be referred to the prosecuting authorities and the Security Service of Ukraine.

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It was reported earlier that the Kyiv police officer hung the separatist banner-air freshener with Russian flag and a slogan reading: "Berkut. Russians do not desert their own kin" on the rear-view mirror of his patrol car.

The police officer took the banner away after it prompted public outrage.

The users of social networks note that this emblem is a chevron of the third separate motorized rifle brigade Berkut of the 1st Army Corps of the so-called "people's militia of the Ministry of Defense of the 'Donetsk People's Republic'" formed from detachments headed by terrorist Igor Bezler in occupied Horlivka, Yenakiieve, and Makiivka.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n386053