Militants actively involve children in terrorist activities in Donbas, - media

The militants actively attract underaged Ukrainian citizens in terrorist activities in the occupied Donbas.

Journalist Serhii Zubchenko wrote in an article for ZN.ua, Censor.NET reports.

"The reliability of this information is confirmed by a number of different independent sources, both military and civilian. The youth of Donbas, who did not leave the occupied territory for various reasons, can join the ranks of extremist pro-Russian fifth column in Ukraine, becoming the 'lost generation'," Zubchenko noted.

"The first information about direct involvement of children in terrorist activities of the pro-Russian gangs in the Donbas dates back to 2014, when a propaganda video of 15-year-old Andrii (nicknamed Royce), "the youngest militiaman in Donetsk, commander of a "training company" of Vostok Battalion appeared in Russian media," the author recalled.

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Later the story of Andrii Ivakhno, student of the 10th grade of Mospyne High School (Donetsk region), who also joined the illegal Vostok Battalion, was shown on Russian state TV. More similar stories about armed boys and girls appeared with impressive regularity. Zubchenko argues that pro-Russian militants recruit girls as well.

The information that pro-Russian illegal armed groups recruit minors was confirmed by the OSCE SMM report as of May 28, 2015.

What is significant is that the young militants dream to serve in the Russian army, not in the 'DPR' or 'LPR' illegal armed groups. Thus, the children who won the competition among 15 paramilitary organizations on the occupied territories were supposed to be sent to the All-Russian summer camp named after Zhukov in Moscow, Zubchenko wrote.

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The terrorists use girls not only as soldiers, but also for prostitution. Children are also used for smuggling through checkpoints and roadblocks, as well as for secret installation of GPS-beacons on military equipment.

A video of a military summer camp opened by Vostok Brigade illegal armed group (former Vostok Battalion) in the occupied city of Donetsk has caused a considerable response recently.

Participants of the camp, children aged from ten to 17 years (both boys and girls dressed in military uniforms with chevrons of the USSR and the Russian Federation who live in military tents) undergo military training that includes theory, tactics, weapons handling, shooting, etc. The video also features "Orthodox priest father Boris", whose words "have nothing to do with the Orthodox Church, but are a total aggressive totalitarian propaganda," as Zubchenko put it.

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In Alchevsk, children, including the 10-year-old Bohdana Neshcheret, have been recruited by the Prizrak Brigade. It is also reported about the children's Sabotage Battalion named after St. George formed on the basis of the lyceum in Rovenky town under the leadership of the local "priest" Avdiuhin.

After Russian movement of schoolchildren organization (analogue of the Pioneer organization in the USSR) was established, the recruitment of minors on the occupied territories of Ukraine intensified significantly. However, 'DPR' and 'LPR' camps do not train suicide terrorists, at least so far.

The majority of young men and women who took part in the "military-patriotic" terrorist camps will most likely never be able to return to normal life, the author stressed. "We are talking about the fate of at least 580,000 children living in the temporary occupied Ukrainian territories and close to the front line (data of the UNICEF Ukrainian office). And there are still more than 215,000 registered as internally displaced persons," he informed.

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