Pechersk court orders PGO to open criminal case against Medvedchuk and Ukrainian Choice, - MP Levus. DOCUMENT (in Ukrainian)

The Pechersk district court of Kyiv has ordered the Prosecutor General's Office to institute criminal proceedings against leader of Ukrainian Choice movement Viktor Medvedchuk.

Censor.NET reports quoting People's Front MP Andrii Levus' Facebook.

"Today, the Pechersk court ordered the PGO to open criminal proceedings on the facts of Medvedchuk's anti-state activity. Law enforcers should enter the information in the Unified State Register of Pre-trial Investigations and initiate a probe," he wrote.

Levus explained that on April 5, a deputy's request on the crimes of Medvedchuk and his pro-Russian Ukrainian Choice was filed. "We demanded to investigate the involvement of Medvedchuk in separatist activity, treason, and financing of terrorism," Levus added.

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He also posted a photocopy of judicial ruling of April 22. The document, in particular, notes: "I grant the complaint of people's deputy Andrii M. Levus about the PGO's failure to enter the information on a criminal offense in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations after receiving a notification of this criminal offense. I oblige the competent persons in the PGO to enter the above information in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations at the request of people's deputy Andrii M. Levus and other deputies No. 27 of April 5, 2016, start a pre-trial investigation of the said criminal offence, and inform the applicant in due manner."

The ruling can not be appealed.

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