Finance Minister Danyliuk confirms directorship in three offshore companies

Finance Minister Oleksandr Danyliuk has confirmed being CEO in three companies abroad.

Censor.NET reports referring to minister's Facebook.

"After errors in my income statement were found, I decided to hire lawyers to check the companies of the group I worked for during my stay in England.

"According to the results of this check, I amended my declaration and I want to apologize to the public - all this data should have been properly declared by me "on the first try."

"I have not been engaged in business since arriving in Ukraine in 2010, and therefore I do not have and did not have a conflict of interest, serving for the state. But according to obtained information, I still formally remain the director in three companies - two companies in Cyprus and one in the Cayman Islands. They were part of a group of companies, which I led as one of the directors - as a manager acting in the interests of investors. I have asked for my withdrawal from these positions, and my former partners together with lawyers are conducting all relevant procedures. I did not indicate these companies as I believed that my partners had removed me from the managerial staff of these structures back in 2010. Now I continue to examine the situation to make sure that there are no other things that need to be declared by me publicly.

"I agreed to head the Ministry of Finance to carry out a profound reform of public finances. That's why I consciously correct my mistakes and publicly report on this in order to 1) not give my opponents a single lever to put pressure on me and thus put spokes in the wheels of important reforms; 2) be an example of openness to others. Only in this way!" the minister wrote.

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