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 Ukraine should not supply Crimea with water as long as it is occupied by Russia, - State Service for Crimea

Deputy Head of the State Service of Ukraine for Crimea and Sevastopol Affairs Zarema Ozenbash believes that the water from the North Crimean Canal should not be delivered to the peninsula as long as it is under the control of Russia.

Censor.NET reports citing Krym.Realii.

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"We - the Ukrainian state - should not in any case solve the issues, the problems that the occupying authorities are facing. That is why we have blocked the channel and I hope that the water will not flow into the North Crimean Canal. I hope the dam (in the Kherson region - Ed.) will be completed. It is already constructed, but some works still remain to be completed, and it will withstand all that water which will gather in the Kherson region in Kalanchak. And water will actually not be supplied," she said.

The temporary dam in the streambed of the North Crimean Canal was built two years ago, after the water stopped to be delivered in Crimea through the channel. It was constructed to keep the water at a level necessary to irrigate the fields in the Kherson region.

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It was previously stated that the Kherson region will receive 50 million hryvnia from the state budget for the construction of a special damper in the North Crimean Canal, through which the water would flow from the Kherson region to the territory of annexed Crimea

The water delivered from mainland Ukraine covered up to 85% of Crimea's needs in fresh water coming from the Dnipro through the North Crimean Canal. This water was used to irrigate farmland. The supply of water through the channel was terminated after Russia annexed Crimea.

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