PGO opened case against criminal group controlling local authorities in Zaporizhia, - Kutsenko

The PGO has instituted criminal proceedings against a criminal gang which got the local authorities in Zaporizhia under control.

PGO prosecutor Vladyslav Kutsenko said at today's briefing, Censor.NET reports citing LIGA.

"Today, we received a letter from coalition MPs who say that in their opinion in Zaporizhia one person calls himself an underboss and a criminal group has taken control of the local authorities, budget flows and attempts to illegally influence law enforcement," Kutsenko said.

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He noted that given the request of people's deputies and a report by Zaporizhia chief prosecutor Mazuryk, the PGO has opened criminal proceedings under Article 255 of the Criminal Code (setting up and involvement in a criminal group).

"We will defend our colleagues who lead investigations, expose schemes, and who have declared a war against a certain oligarch. Everyone knows which plant in Zaporizhia puts these or that people to power," Kutsenko added.

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