They try to ruin "diamond prosecutors" case, get rid of everyone who knows it from inside, - Kasko

Former Deputy Prosecutor General Vitalii Kasko says the "diamond prosecutors" case is facing a fiasco in the face of attempts to ruin it.

Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine.

"Today, they should decide on the order of examination of evidence, and from the next meeting we will see the interrogation of witnesses and hear the submitted evidence. Are they trying to to bury the case? Of course. Moreover, they try to ruin it with the help of various fakes in the media, saying that the evidence is wrong and the case if falling apart. We see it almost every day. Secondly, they take efforts to prevent prosecutors who opened the case from supporting charges. Opanasenko, Kasko, Sakvarelidze have been dismissed from the Prosecutor General's Office. Those who started the case and know it from inside have been pushed out," he said.

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"Nevertheless, we have purposefully come to the hearing to support the prosecutors in this case, our colleagues, who today have to face the system on their own, who support charges, consider the case promising, and believe it will all end in a legitimate decision of the court," Kasko added.

In addition, he believes there is enough evidence for the prosecution.

"I think there is enough [evidence - ed.]. Sakvarelidze signed the indictment, he also studied the evidence. All the evidence will be examined in a public hearing," he concluded.
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