It is difficult to make Savchenko intravenous infusions because her vessels became fragile, - Nadiia's sister

Ukrainian pilot Nadiia Savchenko looks forward to political dialogue and wants to hear the accurate information about her release.

Nadiia Savchenko's sister Vira said in a commentary to Channel 5 after the yesterday's visit to her sister, Censor.NET reports.

"She (Nadiia Savchenko -. Ed.) will receive intravenous infusions until April 20. She started using the shower, which is very helpful. Before, she did not come close to the wash basin in order to prevent the lies of the Russian media. She said she was feeling as if she was rotting from the inside. Her vessels became very fragile. They burst from the dropper needle. Therefore it is quite difficult to make her these intravenous infusions," Vira Savchenko said.

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The pilot's sister has also called for dialogue between Ukrainian and Russian presidents Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin on the release of the Ukrainian hostage.

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