Russia holds military exercises in occupied Crimea and Transnistria, - Defense Ministry

Russia continues to conduct military exercises at the Ukrainian border and in occupied Crimea.

Censor.NET reports citing the Intelligence department of the Ministry of Defense.

Units of the Black Sea Fleet are conducting military exercises (missile strikes and artillery fire) on a training ground in the vicinity of Opuk Cape (65 km east of Feodosia) since April 15.

800 servicemen and 200 pieces of military equipment of the 810th Separate Brigade of Marines (Sevastopol), the 8th Artillery Regiment (Simferopol), the 126th Separate Brigade of Coastal Defense (Perevalne), the 15th Separate Rocket-artillery Coast Brigade (Sevastopol) are engaged in the exercises. Forces are ruled by Commander of the Black Sea Fleet Admiral Alexander Vitko.

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Simultaneously, tactical exercises were held by the Armed Forces of the self-proclaimed Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) at a military training ground near Afanasievca (Dubasari district, 10 km from the state border of Ukraine) on April 11-15. 400 soldiers of the 1st (Tiraspol), 2nd (Bender), 3rd (Rîbnița), 4th (Dubasari) Separate Motorized Rifle Brigades, as well as the 1st Separate Artillery Antiaircraft Brigade (Tiraspol) and the 1st Tank Battalion (Vladimirovca) participated in the exercises.

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