Marushevska: Nasirov appointed infamous Yanukovych-era customs officer Morhun my deputy without discussion

Appointing Oleksandr Morhun deputy head of Odesa customs indicates "condoning corruption" by the leadership of the State Fiscal Service.

Head of the Odesa customs office Yulia Marushevska wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET informs.

"With all its actions SFS leadership shows it wants to be taken down by people's anger. SFS chief Roman Nasirov has appointed a new deputy to me without any discussion - Romanenko's man, an infamous tax collector from the Yanukovych era. By doing so, Nasirov once again demonstrates that he covers grafters," Marushevska wrote.

"All this happens despite the fact that we have repeatedly addressed SFS chief Nasirov with a proposal to launch an open competition for leadership positions at the Odesa customs office. I also suggested appointing an honest person my deputy but the SFS head is not interested in it. It suits him better to appoint people from the criminal environment in order to veil corruption flows," ahe added.

"Roman Nasirov and his corrupt associates openly ignore or refuse to agree any initiatives on changes. What else can it indicate but for condoning corruption," Marushevska summed up.

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