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 Coalition council to officially nominate Hroisman as PM today, - PPB faction chair Lutsenko

Yesterday, after six hours of talks involving two factions, the president, the incumbent prime minister, and a candidate for the premiership, the parties agreed on the composition of a new government - names and positions.

Petro Poroshenko Bloc chairman Yurii Lutsenko said today on the sidelines of the Rada, Censor.NET informs.

The only vacant positions are the posts of minister of energy and coal industry and the minister of health. As for the future head of the Ministry of Health, Lutsenko said that "a problem occurred at night, and a candidate for the post, who yesterday was approved by all parties, said in the morning he had changed his mind."

According to the PPB chairman, today, two factions of the coalition will hear the candidate for prime minister and future ministers of his Cabinet.

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However, Lutsenko did not specify where exactly the meeting of coalition factions will take place.

"You have excellent sources," he told reporters, adding that the meeting will be held at 6 p.m. The president will not attend this meeting.

"After that, we will take an appropriate decision of the faction, have a coalition meeting in the evening, which will officially nominate Hroisman for the post of prime minister, and send it to the president. No later than tomorrow morning, the president will introduce the proposal into the parliament and we will be able to proceed to effective voting on government and Verkhovna Rada presidium reshuffle," Lutsenko assured.

Nevertheless, Lutsenko refused to elaborate on the names of officially agreed ministers.

"Officially, you will hear it from the prime minister or me when the faction supports them. By now, these are preliminary suggestions of the negotiating team," he noted.
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