Savchenko refused to use shower and washbasin so that Russian media could not distort information on her dry hunger strike, - Nadiia's sister

Ukrainian pilot Nadiia Savchenko, who is kept in the Novocherkassk remand prison in the Rostov region of the Russian Federation, continues her dry hunger strike.

Nadiia's sister Vira Savchenko wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"I repeat once again for the unbelievers: Nadiia has been on a dry hunger strike for four days! It is the fourth day today... Before the sentence she had been on a dry hunger strike for six days and she made it. In order to give the deceitful dogs, who watch her with surveillance video cameras, no chances to distort the truth in the Russian media, she does not use the shower (which she was allowed to once a week regularly and twice a week during her hunger strike!) and does not come close to the sink. Otherwise they would write that she was secretly drinking water in the shower and laugh... Nine days on a dry hunger strike... No, Nadiia must live. You underpoliticians!!????? Finish with your negotiations!!!!!," Vira Savchenko wrote.

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