Some 90 militants killed, over 100 wounded near Yasynuvata in March, - terrorist Chervonets

кладбище донецк боевики днр

Militants suffered heavy losses in battles near Yasynuvata in March - about 90 killed and over 100 wounded.

Censor.NET reports referring to militant Andrey Chervonets' LiveJournal.

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"During March 1-25, the losses were relatively small - about 25/200 [killed - ed.] and 80/300 [injured - ed.]. And then, the number of casualties started to grow. During March 20-30, 50/200 (losses suffered during March 1-25 and March 20-30 may overlap a little). And on April 1, Vostok Battalion ["DPR" paramilitary unit - ed.] suffered heavy losses - 19/200 and about 30/300," the terrorist wrote.

Overall, 87 militants were eliminated on April 3.

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According to Chervonets, "the information can be trusted as it was cross checked in several of independent sources."Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n383448