Documents submitted by ‘LPR’ read out at Russian GRU operatives’ trial: "Yerofeyev served in Luhansk People's Militia, showed courage, and did not kill Puhachov"

At today's hearing of the case of Russian GRU commandos Yevgeny Yerofeyev and Alexander Aleksandrov, captured near Shchastia in the Luhansk region last year, the judge read out the response of ‘LPR’ leader Igor Plotnitsky to the request of Yerofeyev’s wife as to how her husband got into that situation.

Censor.NET reports citing Mediazona.

It should be noted that the Russian servicemen's defense is submitting the court with the documents drawn on the paper headed by the 'LPR'.

Yulia Yerofeyeva requested Plotnitsky to provide information about the events of May 16.

Plotnitsky's response was written on the letterhead of the self-proclaimed 'LPR'. "Your husband is serving in the Luhansk People's Militia," the terrorist wrote to Yerofeyev's wife.

Plotnitsky alleged that Captain Yerofeyev was seriously wounded in a skirmish, captured, but "showed courage". According to him, Yerofeyev allegedly cause no harm to the Ukrainian military and had nothing to do with the murder of Ukrainian soldier Vadym Puhachov.

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Another document submitted by the defense was drawn on the letterhead of the "Lugansk People's Militia". It was a letter from its commander to Plotnitsky with description of Yerofeyev's and Aleksandrov's capture.

According to the letter, they were accomplishing reconnaissance mission and approached the strong point of the Armed Forces of Ukraine around noon. Another group of Zhytny and Pisarev was fulfilling reconnaissance tasks the same day. There was no coordination between them. Zhytny and Pisarev's group encountered Yerofeyev's one, identified it as friendly and reported about it to the command.

The letter reads that it was 'LPR' militant Oleg Zhytny who spotted soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and fired several shots at him with AS VAL rifle. Yerofeyev and his men allegedly started retreating as the shots were fired. They were attacked, received injuries, and were taken prisoner.

As reported earlier, Russia's GRU officers Aleksandrov and Yerofeyev were captured by Ukrainian soldiers near the town of Shchastia on May 16, 2015. On May 20, they were charged with suspicion of involvement in terrorist activity in the so-called "LPR."

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On May 22, the Shevchenkivskyi district court of Kyiv remanded the aforementioned officers in a two-month custody.

In a conversation with OSCE SMM monitors, Yerofeyev and Aleksandrov admitted they had previously performed tasks in eastern Ukraine, following orders of Russia's military leadership.

Earlier, Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Major-General Igor Konashenkov said the MOD expected the detained Russian citizens to be released, noting that Yerofeyev and Aleksandrov were "former" Russian military. In turn, Putin's press secretary Peskov demanded the release of the Russian soldiers.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n383323