The Netherlands bestows unexpected gift on Kremlin, - The Times on Dutch referendum

The editorial in The Times addresses the results of the referendum on Ukraine-EU association agreement, held in the Netherlands yesterday.

According to the article, the voters in the Netherlands have presented an unexpected gift to the Kremlin by rejecting the EU association with Ukraine, Censor.NET reports citing BBC.

According to the Times, the results of the referendum became an undeserved victory of Vladimir Putin's propaganda mill. The newspaper's editors are confident that just a few of those who decided to vote had actually read the 2,135-page text of the EU-Ukraine association agreement.The Dutch voted having yielded to emotions, for fear of possible negative consequences of further EU expansion, which would result in millions of Ukrainian migrants swarming in Europe, as Eurosceptics had been long frightening the residents of the country.

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According to The Times, the voters' fears were obviously groundless, since the draft agreement only stipulates the beginning of formal relations between Kyiv and Brussels, and in no way the imminent accession of Ukraine into the European Union.

The news outlet notes that it is Russian tanks, not the flows of migrants, that pose threat to the eastern borders, while President Putin will invade Ukraine if the country is not offered at least some sort of rapprochement with Europe.

This key idea of the referendum has successfully slipped the Dutch voters' attention, the article reads.

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Moreover, according to the newspaper, the most ardent opponents of Ukraine's rapprochement with the EU actively used the Kremlin's rhetoric before the voting, calling the Ukrainian government "supporters of the Nazis."

The news outlet insists that Putin needs a weakened Ukraine split into parts to keep it in Russia' sphere of influence, while the EU needs a modern Ukraine confidently standing on its own feet to stabilize the situation on its eastern border.

It's about time for all the EU countries, not just the Netherlands, to wake up and realize the danger of the current situation in which Ukraine remains in limbo, The Times sums up.

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