Speaker Hroisman on preliminary results of the Netherlands referendum: This is red flag. Ukraine needs to conduct error correction

The Verkhovna Rada speaker Volodymyr Hroisman has commented on the results of the referendum in the Netherlands, stating they are a red flag for Ukraine.

As reported by Censor.NET, he wrote this on his Facebook page.

"Unfortunately, the results of the referendum in the Netherlands turned out to be unfavorable for Ukraine. We respect the expression of will by citizens of the Netherlands. Although we understand that the referendum is only of advisory nature, this is a red flag for Ukraine," he wrote.

According to Hroisman, the only way for Ukraine to fight for its European future is to conduct error correction.

"We all need to conduct error correction and send clear signals to both Ukrainian citizens and the international community that we are closely following the path of European reforms. Only results, not words, can be a telling argument."

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"I believe in the united Europe, I believe that Ukraine will be a part of this unity, despite all the obstacles that we are facing these days, and those problems that our European friends have faced," the Rada speaker summed up.

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