The Netherlands to carefully review Ukraine-EU Association Agreement, - Prime Minister Rutte

The Government of the Netherlands will carefully review the agreement on association with Ukraine to satisfy all the parties.

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte said late April 6 after the referendum on the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, Censor.NET reports citing Radio Svoboda.

"We do not want to be in a hurry, to be hastened by someone. The law on referendum is very clear and it will take us days, weeks to review the agreement with Ukraine step by step, to satisfy all the parties both at the national and European levels," Rutte said.

"We should first wait for the final result to discuss it in the government, then in the parliament, and after that with the European Union. I'd like to prevent people's hasty expectations: we do not want to let down those who came to vote, we respect their vote either for or against [the association]. We will take a well-considered decision," Rutte said.

The Dutch Election Commission informed that the official result of the referendum would be published on April 12 and the preliminary one - on April 8.

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