61.1 percent of Dutch voters rejected EU-Ukraine association, 38.1 percent voted in favor, - exit poll

Dutch voters opposed a trade deal between the EU and Ukraine by a margin of nearly two-to-one, in a result that could trigger ructions in Brussels and boost those in the UK campaigning for Britain to leave the bloc.

Censor.NET informs citing Financial Times.

Turnout breached the 30 per cent level required to force the hand of a government that had agreed to abide by the result if the threshold were passed.

Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, who had offered cautious and last-minute support for the deal, conceded that the Netherlands would not be able to automatically ratify the trade deal, potentially paving the way for months of tortuous negotiations with Brussels over a new pact.

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In total, 61 per cent of Dutch voters opposed the deal, while just 38 per cent supported it.

Voter turnout was always expected to be low but miserable weather across the country - with rain, strong winds and unseasonably cold weather - depressed it further. Many voters engaged in "tactical non-voting" in a bid to push the referendum under the 30 per cent threshold.

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