Number of Russian regular troops deployed in Ukraine bigger than army of many European countries, - Poroshenko

President of Ukraine is sure that Crimea will return to Ukraine.

He said this in an interview to the U.S. TV channel Fox News, aired in the U.S. on Monday night, Censor.NET informs.

"These are exact figures of the intelligence sources, confirmed by satellite pictures, confirmed by drones, confirmed by agents. And we know for sure that now it's above 6,000 regular troops only on the occupied territory in the east of my country, plus more than 50,000 troops in Crimea, plus 40,000 troops which were local militiamen, but they are headed by the commanders from the Russian regular troops.

"So, this is a huge contingent, which is more than the army of many European countries," Poroshenko said answering a question about the number of Russian troops in Ukraine at the moment.

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The president of Ukraine does not rule out a possibility that Russia continues its aggression to other countries, in particular Baltic states. Poroshenko also noted that the Minsk agreements are not fulfilled at the moment, as long as Ukrainian soldiers continue dying in the Donbas, and militants continue using banned weapons.

Answering a question about Crimea, the president assured that the peninsula would return to Ukraine: "Sure that we should have it, because it's a brutal violation of the international law. None of the countries in the world recognize this annexation.

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