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 Rada vice-speaker proposes to establish temporary parliamentary commission to inquire into Poroshenko’s offshore companies

The journalistic investigation regarding President Petro Poroshenko’s offshore assets is unlikely to result in his impeachment.

Verkhovna Rada Deputy Speaker, Samopomich party MP Oksana Syroid said on air of Espreso.TV, Censor.NET reports

According to the lawmaker, the offshore scandal will impact the overall situation in the country and the formation of the government. "Everything in politics is interconnected and interdependent, but I hope that MPs understand that the coalition must be formed and the government must operate," she added.

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Vice-Speaker noted that the president's impeachment is stipulated by the Constitution of Ukraine unlike its procedure. "We can talk a lot about it, but the only way out is creation of the temporary investigative commission and adoption of the law on temporary commissions of the Verkhovna Rada, which will allow launching investigation - in particular, if there is a need to initiate the impeachment proceedings," Syroid said.

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