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 Journalist Hnap to Poroshenko: "We will never win this war as long as you remain businessman and head of state in one person. Media shall show you no mercy"

Slіdstvo.іnfo journalist Dmytro Hnap, whose investigation unveiled details of Petro Poroshenko’s offshore practice, said that the president deserved to be condemned by the media.

Hnap wrote on Facebook in response to criticisms of some users, Censor.NET reports.

"As for Ilovaisk, we have long discussed the subject. In short, we finally decided to disclose it in the article for the following reasons.

"Ilovaisk and Poroshenko's offshore practice are completely different stories! Why do you mix them up?" the users wrote to me in their comments.

"Here is my answer: Petro Poroshenko is not a salesman from a nearby store, not a taxi driver, and even not the owner of a confectionery corporation. He is the president of the country at war, the supreme commander. Both I and my colleague Anna Babinets do care what the supreme commander is busy with in the worst moments of the war. It is my personal opinion, as every second of his time and his every least effort mean saved or lost lives of our soldiers. And the context matters in this case. Especially if you recall the news feed in those August days, when the entrapped soldiers were begging for some reaction of commanders via social networks but did not receive response.

"The president was not personally visiting offshore lawyers with the documents!" the users write. It is true - his employees were engaged in this. However, he was the one who was charging them with the tasks and monitoring their completion. He assigned them a task to set up a company in the world's filthiest offshore trash hole. And he spent his president's time on this - the time he owed to us first of all," the journalist wrote.

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He also draws a parallel between the president of Ukraine and the U.S. leader.

"Imagine what the American media would have done with President Bush if it turned out that he was busy opening an offshore company in the days of a terrorist attack on September 11. President Poroshenko was definitely thinking about the war in August 2014. He was certainly upset and made great efforts to help the army and it was most definitely a priority for him. However, he was protecting his business interests at the same hour... This is the hybrid warfare, dear Mr. Poroshenko! We will never win this war as long as you remain a businessman, head of state and supreme commander in one person. The media shall never show you mercy neither in Ukraine nor in other countries," Hnap summed up.

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