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 Hroisman proposes non-affiliated MPs to join PPB faction, - lawmaker Kyshkar

MP Pavlo Kyshkar said that he and several other non-affiliated deputies were proposed to join Petro Poroshenko Bloc (PPB) faction.

Pavlo Kyshkar does not rule out his attachment to PPB faction.

He and several other non-affiliated MPs received such a proposal at a meeting with Verkhovna Rada Speaker Volodymyr Hroisman. Kyshkar said in comments to journalists, Censor.NET reports citing Liga.

"There indeed was such a proposal. We are considering it right now. They must guarantee us that the coalition agreement will be fulfilled; guarantee us that there will be order in the law enforcement system. They must guarantee us that every effort will be taken for the security and defense sector provisioning..." he said.

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Kyshkar also stressed that he was considering the possibility of joining PPB to form a new coalition to prevent early elections. "I am concerned about the possibility of early parliamentary elections. This will lead to local conflicts in the majoritarian electoral districts, especially in the east and south. It will show Western partners that we are unable to reach agreement. It will disclaim all the responsibility of all branches of government for the situation in the country. It is definitely not the time for re-election right now. I understand that Batkivshchyna may take advantage out of this from the standpoint of some political benefits and the number of ots members in the parliament... Therefore we consider the possibility of joining the coalition," he said.

Asked, who those other MPs he mentioned were, Kyshkar said that he meant himself and other non-affiliated MPs, whom such a proposal was made. Asked who invited them to join PPB faction, Kyshkar said: "This proposal was announced this morning at a meeting with Hroisman. The non-affiliated MPs met with Volodymyr Hroisman as a future candidate for the post of the prime minister."

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Kyshkar has not disclosed the names of other MP, who were proposed to join the coalition, noting that he could only speak for himself.

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