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 Ukrainian transit through Russian territory 5.5 times as big as Russia's transit via Ukraine

Over the past three days, since the restoration of regular transit regime, number of trucks with Ukrainian registration that crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border in both directions was 5.5 times as big as number of trucks registered in Russia.

Censor.NET informs referring to the Ministry of Infrastructure.

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As reported, the statistics of Ukrainian and Russian transit trucks' entries to/exits from the Ukrainian territory indicates that domestic business and carriers are interested in a mutual unimpeded transit through the territory of both countries.

In the period of Feb. 26-28, 1,129 Ukrainian trucks crossed the border of Ukraine in the direction of Russia, 691 returned. During the same period, only 211 Russia-registered transit trucks entered the territory of Ukraine, 119 left.

"The statistics show that the volume of Ukrainian transit through the territory of Russia is much bigger. This is why Ukraine, domestic business, and carriers are interested in a mutual unimpeded transit through the territory of both countries," the ministry states.

As reported by the operational headquarters, the transit through Ukraine's territory is unhindered as of the morning of Feb. 29.

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"The position of the state remains unchanged: Ukraine continues to fulfill its obligations to ensure a smooth transit, while the operational headquarters fully controls the situation and is ready to provide explanations and support in terms of transit through the territory of Ukraine," the ministry summed up.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n376799