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 Klitschko played dramatic role in story with Crimea, former Presidential Administration Acting Deputy Head says

Ukraine had a chance to prevent the annexation of Crimea if it would have promptly ousted the authorities of the Autonomous Republic, but the then leader of the Udar faction Vitalii Klitschko intervened.

Andrii Senchenko, who was Acting Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration in 2014, said on air of one of the Ukrainian TV channels Thursday, Censor.NET reports.

"We had an opportunity to appoint new government and leadership of the Crimean parliament Feb. 23-25, 2014," he said.

"There was such an opportunity during those three days. Moreover, talks were held with the Crimean MPs. They were absolutely opportunistic, unprincipled, with no ideology at all. Anyways, more than 70 lawmakers out of 100 were ready to vote," Senchenko said.

"Mohyliov, whom I personally talked to over the phone, said: I will not impede, I am tendering my resignation. And they were ready to oust Konstantinov, who had never possessed any authority there," Andrii Senchenko said.

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"But there should have been a written proposal on the candidacy of the Prime Minister of Crimea submitted by the president, or the acting president at that time, in order to do so. And this very issue was blocked by Mr. Klitschko. He played a dramatic role in the story with Crimea," the then Acting Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration stressed.

Senchenko recalled that the Ukrainian government was formed only Feb. 27 in the evening, "and it was critical to prevent a discord before that, that is why Turchinov stressed the need to hold consultations".

According to him, that meeting was attended by the leaders of all parliamentary factions, who expressed their suggestions on the reaction to the developments.

"Vitalii Klitschko was asked his opinion. And he responded in the form of an ultimatum that as long as there had been no list of candidates to the senior positions throughout the country up to heads of the regional state administrations, he would be dead set against it. There were attempts to persuade him Feb 23, 24, and 25," Senchenko said.

He noted that Oleksandr Turchynov proposed to take decision without Klitschko Feb. 25. Vitalii Klitschko replied: "I will not sign the coalition agreement in this case."

"The creation of legitimate government in the country was under threat then. That's what the person of historic dimensions is, I beg your pardon," Andrii Senchenko concluded.

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