Inter disowns ill-famed editor Stolyarova: "She never worked for the channel"

Inter TV channel says it has nothing to do with the production of Podrobytsi Tyzhnia news show released by discredited Maria Stolyarova, while the journalist herself has allegedly never worked for the station.

This is stated in an official statement by Inter, Censor.NET informs.

"Inter TV channel is outraged by the incident which occurred during Podrobytsi Tyzhnia news show on Feb. 21, 2016. The channel states it has nothing to do with the production of this program. This program as well as all information content released on air of Inter is produced by National Information Systems Ltd.

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"The agreement between Inter and NIS Ltd stipulates that the channel is not involved in the production, choosing, and planning of topics and is not responsible for the content of programs "Chorne Dzerkalo," "Novyny," "Podrobytsi," "Podrobytsi Tyzhnia." In addition, according to the agreement, NIS Ltd is independent in the implementation of its personnel policy," the statement notes.

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"Accordingly, we state that Podrobytsi Tyzhnia editor Maria Stolyarova is employed by NIS Ltd and has never worked for Inter. And the channel can not be held responsible for the actions of persons who are not its employees. In accordance with the agreement, NIS Ltd is personally and fully responsible for the compliance of produced programs with generally accepted quality standards and requirements of Ukrainian legislation," the statement stresses.

In turn, Inter deems the fact of using obscene language on air to be categorically unacceptable. And it lays full responsibility for the incident on NIS Ltd, as the live broadcast technology does not provide the channel with a technical ability to eliminate errors made by program producers.

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