Part of Yashin’s report on ‘Kadyrov's army’ and its involvement in combats in Donbas made public

The armed formations in Chechnya are loyal only to republic head Ramzan Kadyrov and are not accountable to the Russian federal government.

The report by Russian figure in opposition Ilya Yashin dedicated to the anniversary of the murder of Boris Nemtsov reads, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

Yashin was going to make his report public Feb. 23, while the day before, The New Times has published one of its sections called "The Private Army", dedicated to the law enforcement agencies of Chechnya.

It is noted that according to experts, the total number of armed "Kadyrov's men" is about 30,000. A large part of them are officially members of the Interior Ministry or the Internal Troops of the Russian Federation. In fact, the armed formations acting on the territory of the Chechnya are not subordinate to the federal government but loyal only to the President of Chechnya.

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Kadyrov's Battalions remain the only descent-based military units in the country. The militants' loyalty to Kadyrov is primarily driven by the biography of many of them. The core of the law enforcement agencies of Chechnya consists of former separatists, who have been pardoned by the decision of the head of the republic. He also provided them the opportunity to take up arms once again, but under his control. Thus, the militants, who have been fighting against the Russian army, are indebted to Kadyrov not only for their jobs and salaries, but also for their freedom and life.

The Chechen law enforcers often show their loyalty to Kadyrov by specific details of uniforms, i.e. caps and chevrons with the initials of KRA - Kadyrov Ramzan Akhmatovich. The license plates with letters KRA in Chechnya are also almost always indicate car owner's membership in law enforcement or administrative agencies of the republic.

Kadyrov also pays considerable attention to training of new personnel for his army, while the new militants in Chechnya are recruited in a very young age.

Thus, the Molodaya Krepost project functions in the territory of the republic, which is actually a training camp for child soldiers. Its barracks are full of teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are trained to fight and kill.

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The report reads that the local army, which has been created in Chechnya, is perhaps the most combat-ready military group in Russia. "Kadyrov's special operations forces" play special role in it. Its soldiers are trained by experienced officer of the Russian secret services Daniil Martynov. He was appointed aide to the head of Chechnya in 2013 after quitting the Alfa special operations detachment.

Martynov's former colleagues call his new job a betrayal. They have grave reservations that the militants trained by the Russian officer will turn their guns on the Russian soldiers as it was in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Meanwhile, Martynov's efforts have started to pay off as the "Chechen special operations forces" have reached the new level of proficiency. The soldiers from Chechnya won the world special operations forces championship, which took place in Jordan in April 2015. The competition was attended by 43 teams from almost all over the world.

It is noted that Kadyrov's militants demonstrate their skills not only in international competitions, but in actual combat conditions. For example, the entire detachments of militants from Chechnya were fighting against the Ukrainian military during the armed conflict in the territory of Donbas.

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