The greatest resistance and sabotage of punishment for those responsible for crimes against Maidan activists is observed in juridical system – Poroshenko

Changes to the Constitution in terms of judicial reform, which will provide a total purge of courts, are required to complete the cases on crimes against Maidan activists.

President of Ukraine announced, Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the president.

"The lack of a judicial reform, if it does not pick up 300 votes in the parliament, is the only thing that can prevent the punishment of those responsible for the crimes against Maidan activists. The greatest resistance and sabotage of the punishment for them is observed in the juridical system because it was largely formed precisely by those whom it now needs to prosecute. Changes in regular laws adopted earlier do not give opportunities for a substantial renovation of courts," he stressed.

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"After appropriate investigations carried out by the Temporary Special Commission and the High Council of Justice (HCJ), I have, however, signed decrees on dismissal of seven judges who rendered illegal judgments against the protesters. Another judge will be dismissed next week. 14 judges should be dismissed by the Verkhovna Rada on the proposal of the HCJ," Poroshenko reminded.

"The Supreme Council of Justice received the conclusion of the HCJ on the violation of the oath by 46 judges. As far as I am informed, a final decision on 22 of them has been made. Materials on six judges have been sent to the High Qualification Commission of Judges to bring them to disciplinary liability," Poroshenko said.

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