Rada authorizes Poroshenko to call up troops under contingency

The Verkhovna Rada has allowed the president to call for draft a month prior to its date.

Amendments to article 15 of conscription and military service law have been supported by 235 deputies, Censor.NET reports referring to LІGA.net.

Under current legislation, the following year draft dates are determined by a presidential decree which is promulgated in mass media not later than one month before the end of the year. The bill introduced by Petro Poroshenko suggests indicating that draft dates are determined by a presidential decree.

The parliament has adopted the bill as amended by the committee, according to which the draft dates under ordinary situation are defined as per the effective law. However, during a special period, such dates are set by a presidential decree which is to be published not later than one month prior to the draft.

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According to explanatory note, the document is intended to "enshrine in legislation the possibility to quickly make decisions on manning the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military units in the event of significant changes in the military-political situation within the state."

Earlier, it was reported that a new round of mobilization is scheduled for March 2016.
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