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 Naftohaz to triple gas transit tariffs if Gazprom refuses to increase transit volume, - Business Development Director Vitrenko

Russian gas monopoly Gazprom will have to pay Ukraine $6.1 billion for the transit of natural gas under new tariffs against $2 billion paid last year, if the company refuses to increase volume of gas transit through the Ukrainian gas transportation system.

Naftohaz of Ukraine Director of Business Development Yurii Vitrenko wrote on Facebook, recalling that the new tariff for gas transit consists of two rates, one of which applies to the reserved capacities while the other one - to volumes of transported gas, Censor.NET reports.

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"It is relatively easy to compare the amount of money Gazprom has to pay for transit through the territory of Ukraine under the old and new rates. Gazprom has paid about $2 billion for the transit of about 67 billion cubic meters of gas through the territory of Ukraine in 2015. Gazprom will have to pay $6.1 billion for the same volume in 2016. That is, it will be three times larger, or extra $4 billion," Vitrenko wrote.

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He also said that the increased transit tariff was calculated on the basis of 110 billion cubic meters capacity of the domestic gas transportation system (according to the contract of 2009) reserved for Gazprom. At the same time Vitrenko has stressed that with implementation of the new transit tariffs, Gazprom has an economic motivation to use the maximum capacity reserved for it.

"For example, if the transit volume will be increased by 64 percent - to 110 billion cubic meters, Gazprom will have to pay only five percent ($300 million) additionally," Naftohaz senior official wrote.

"Therefore, if Gazprom wants to reduce the incremental transit cost per one thousand cubic meters, it simply has to increase the volume of gas transported through Ukraine. Everything is in its hands, as they say," Vitrenko wrote.

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