Putin’s aide Surkov visited Donetsk militants to discuss personnel matters and fake elections in so-called "DPR", - SBU

Russian President’s aide Vladislav Surkov paid a visit to occupied Donetsk on Feb. 16.

Head of the Secretariat of the Chairman of the Security Service of Ukraine Oleksandr Tkachuk announced at a briefing in Kyiv today, Censor.NET reports citing 112 Ukraine TV channel.

"We have acquired reliable information that Russian President Putin's aide Vladislav Surkov was in the city of Donetsk Feb. 16. The Russian side was carefully covering up the visit itself and preparations for it," he said.

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According to the law enforcer, Surkov was hearing reports of the heads of the "local governments" of the so-called "DPR" in Donetsk.

"He was getting acquainted with the current developments of the socio-political, military-political, and socio-economic situation in the region, as well as the humanitarian situation," Tkachuk said.

Besides, he said that the preparations for the so-called "elections" in the territory controlled by the pro-Russian militants were discussed in the course of Surkov's visit.

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"As a result of the meetings held in Donetsk, Vladislav Surkov has made a number of decisions concerning personnel reshuffle, as well as certain political issues in the territory of the so-called "DPR". In fact, they have already been taken," Tkachuk explained.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n374819