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 Ukrainian MPs fail to dismiss Cabinet. 194 MPs voted for nonconfidence to government

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine appeared to be unable to master enough votes for the resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Only 194 MPs have voted for the decision.

Censor.NET parliamentary correspondent informs.

The government resignation was voted as follows:

Poroshenko Bloc - 97 MPs voted aye;

Popular Front - no MPs voted aye;

Nonaffiliated MPs - 28 supported the decision;

Opposition Bloc - eight MPs voted aye;

Samopomich - 25 MPs voted aye;

Vidrodzhennia - no MPs voted aye;

Radical Party - 15 MPs voted aye;

Volia Narodu - six MPs voted aye;

Batkivshchyna - 15 MPs voted aye.

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