“There are Russian soldiers in Donbas – that’s a given. Without them, Ukrainian Army would leave separatists in tatters in a few hours,” - Russian ‘DPR’ militant Raevskiy

Russian militant Anton Raevskiy, who fought in the Donbas for the so-called ‘Donetsk People's Republic,’ gave up all hopes on the “People's Republics”.

Raevskiy told vlada.io, Censor.NET reports.

Anton Raevskiy, who had sympathized with the ideas of National Socialism, explained how he managed to get into Ukraine.

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"I was contacted by the Russian General Military Union. Me and a group of Russian volunteers were offerred to travel to Sloviansk [the Donetsk region - ed.] and fight. We crossed the border on June 21 and found ourselves in Krasnodon town. We arrived in Sloviansk next day. I had a chance to join the battles in Mykolaivka and Sloviansk. Basically we mortared the Army and attacked it from air with cluster bombs. I have not seen the enemies. We mainly shelled them. We faced the enemies near Donetsk, in the village of Netailove next to Karlivka. I was wounded there," the terrorist said.

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Moreover, Raevskiy admits that the Russian troops participated in battles against Ukrainian soldiers together with the militants.

"I was in a car with a Russian soldier. I am sure there were Russian troops in Sloviansk aside from separatists. I do not believe in fairy tales about the militiants encircling the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukrainian Army would leave separatists' strongholds in tatters in a few hours. Local miners and tractor drivers could not have made it without Russia. The same situation was in Sloviansk. Of course, there was a beautiful legend about anonymous and inexperienced separatists who restrained Ukrainian army. But that's a given that Russian soldiers were there. A Russian military advisor was in a car with the commander of the Mykolaiv garrison. There also were other Russian advisors," Raevskiy added.

Raevskiy is in Russia at the moment. At the same time, he notes that the number of Russians wishing to fight in the Donbas has diminished.

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