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 MP Yurii Lutsenko: Yatseniuk has two options - negotiating with factions or leaving


Prime Minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk has two ways out of the current situation: negotiating with parliamentary factions which advocate his resignation (Batkivshchyna, Samopomich, and Radical Party) or leaving over a mistrust in society towards him.

Poroshenko Bloc chairman Yurii Lutsenko said on air of radio Vesti, Censor.NET reports citing party's press service.

The politician recalled that after the parliament was elected in 2014, more than 300 deputies by their written statements and relevant decisions of the factions formed a parliamentary coalition which appointed Yatseniuk prime minister as well as other ministers.

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"During the past year, the coalition worked hard, showing little efficiency by the end of the year. But nevertheless, only Liashko officially withdrew from the coalition. More to say, nobody, including him, has retracted their personal statements. Debating on a new government, Samopomich and Batkivshchyna said they would not work with the current prime minister and demanded his removal. Yet, it was not a crisis, because the number of votes, including those of Radical Party, was enough to make decisions by the parliamentary majority," Lutsenko said.

"But on the day when Liashko voiced his refusal to speak with the coalition on joint decisions, until a new government without Yatseniuk was set up, it became clear that Poroshenko Bloc and People's Front would not have enough votes to make decisions. This is a political crisis," Poroshenko Bloc faction chairman remarked.

At the same time, it's not a catastrophe or life's finale, he said. "I am deeply convinced that the prime minister should consider the reality and thus he has two options. Yatseniuk should negotiate with the respective factions, and from my point of view, first of all with Samopomich, perhaps with the radicals, and hardest of all with Batkivshchyna, bring back the number of votes enough to support the new government's program of action, and work for Ukraine."

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"There is another option - to realize that in addition to the parliamentary crisis there is a crisis of public mistrust to Prime Minister Arsenii Yatseniuk. According to a survey, about 75 percent of respondents require the election of a new head of government and the resignation of the incumbent. All our posts are transient, and a resignation is neither a catastrophe nor a negative assessment of all that has been done. The time just comes when society no longer trusts the prime minister," Lutsenko resumed.Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n374049