Criminal group within Ukraine’s Air Forces command sold weapons of Ukrainian aviation for a song

Officers of Ukraine’s Air Forces have stolen 30 ejector racks for Su-24 strike aircraft from military warehouses with knowledge of high command of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This was announced by Censor.NET's Chief Editor Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"A criminal group within Ukraine's Army Air Forces has been selling weapons of the Ukrainian aviation for a song," he wrote, adding that this is a high-profile criminal case involving the command of the Air Forces.

"Sources of Censor.NET have provided details of a scandalous criminal case. An employee of the Main Military Prosecutor's Office was conducting a check-up of rack sales for Su-24 strike aircraft to India. It turned out that officers of Ukraine's Air Forces have stolen 30 racks from warehouses of a military unit. It was done, of course, with knowledge of high command," Butusov informed and added that involvement of the head of the Material Management Office of the Air Forces has been established, as well as that of other senior commanders of the Air Forces.

"Racks were bought from the Armed Forces by Krasylivskyi aggregate plant, the contractor. The plant paid UAH 1600 per rack ($60).

"For India, the racks were put up for sale at … $46,000 each! Yes, this seemingly simple thing under the wing, shown on the image - bombs weighing 50 to 500 kilos are attached to it," he wrote.


Butusov noted that when this fact was revealed by a prosecutor, who summoned the plant's director for an interrogation, the director did not deny: "He offered the prosecutor his share - $1,000 per rack. The prosecutor agreed.

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"But he invited SBU officers to the "payment operation" and reported bribing an official on spot. The director now won't be able to come unscrewed. The court granted the criminal with the right to post bail of 30 million UAH."

"We have two armies. The army that fights and conducts combat tasks, and the army of looters, who rob and see the war as a profitable personal business. In addition to the criminal export, we also see weapons being sold in the domestic black market. Spare parts for military equipment that cannot be found at the front line are often bought by volunteers from warehouses. Black marketeers don't give a shit about people, who raise money, about volunteers, about the war, about the state having cut all the social payments in order to allocate 55 billion UAH for the army," he wrote.

Butusov is certain that law enforcement agencies should be recertified by the public in the same manner as the Interior Ministry: "Those who are used to ripping off the state won't be rehabilitated. We have to knock down those who believe the army is their personal business."

"This scandal has discredited the command of the Air Forces and the Armed Forces in general. Sentences are required here. As well as comprehensive revision of all acts of weapons disposal and transfer for sales under all export contract. It's highly possible that the criminal group has done it before," the journalist summed up.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n373912