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 Military prosecutor to conduct inspection upon hunger riot of 53rd brigade’s soldiers, - Sergeant Putilin

After soldiers of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade set themselves against subhuman conditions of their living at the Shyrokyi Lan shooting range in the Mykolaiv region, the military prosecution has initiated a check-up.

This was announced by the brigade's sergeant Vitalii Putilin, call sing 'Putia,' in his comments to Censor.NET.

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According to him, representatives of the military prosecution arrived to the brigade's home station. At the moment, the living conditions of the soldiers are being improved.

"They were shocked when they entered our tent: almost 100 persons sit on one another and sleep by three at one bed. Some sleep sitting, others sleep outside in the IFV. There are no normal tents, everything's covered in holes.

"At the moment the things are getting better. New tents are being put up, the dining room started to operate. We do not demand eating cakes every day. But give us what should be given. At the moment, food is good. We receive everything as prescribed. Earlier they gave us one C-ration for two days on Feb. 1. The mobile kitchen trailer started functioning yesterday at noon," he said.

As reported, yesterday, Feb. 8, 46 soldiers of the 53rd separate mechanized brigade, who had grown unsatisfied with living conditions at the 'Shyrokyi Lan' shooting range, as well as with general treatment of their supplies, food, and living by the command, decided to walk to Mykolaiv (26 kilometers) in order to demand immediate reaction to the situation by the military prosecution.

Later, a bus was provided, which brought the soldiers to Mykolaiv. The protesters met the military prosecutor of the Mykolaiv Harrison of the South region of Ukraine Colonel Oleksandr Kyt in the Mykolaiv state regional administration at 18a Odesa Road. The military filed a written petition for the prosecutor.

Putilin also commented on information about stealing of food brought for the 53rd brigade by civil volunteers: "I cannot say whether those were volunteer-supplied foods, but I have seen that our food was exported in the night in civilian cars."

Earlier, journalist Dmytro Hnap informed that several weeks prior to the hunger riot of the military of the 53rd brigade, journalists visited their home station and reported of terrible living conditions the soldiers had to serve in. After the story was aired, the brigade's command contacted the reporters and assured them that the issues had been settled.

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