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 Merkel 'outraged' over Syrian offensive and Russian airstrikes

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed outrage over Russian-backed attacks in Syria as a government offensive drives thousands of civilians to the Turkish border, exacerbating the already critical refugee crisis Merkel is struggling to resolve.

Censor.NET informs citing Bloomberg.

"We're not only shocked, but also outraged, at what's happened in terms of human suffering in the past few days for tens of thousands of people through bomb attacks, including attacks above all from Russia," Merkel told reporters in Ankara on Monday after meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

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The broadside against Russian President Vladimir Putin comes as forces and allies of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad seek to recapture war-ravaged Aleppo in northern Syria, presenting the regime with an upper hand in the five-year-old civil war. The military offensive, supported by Russian air strikes, is triggering a fresh wave of refugees as Merkel visited Turkey in a bid to stem the influx of migrants into the European Union.
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